Improving Security. Managing Risk.  Delivering Value.


Clients First is Northeast Security's operating philosophy that embeds service quality and customer satisfaction into each element of our business strategy, organizational structure, training and operational execution to bring quality and customer service to industry leading levels.


Northeast Security provides an extensive support system to ensure the delivery of the highest quality service and the most attentive customer care. On-site Operations team members have multiple support layers and a dedicated Quality Assurance and Customer Care team serves as the "voice of the customer".  Key roles and functions include:

Account Manager - The cornerstone of our security services is the Account Manager and Site Supervisor. These highly trained and empowered individuals are dedicated to specific clients and are responsible for all personnel and operations at the site.

Client Manager - The Client Manager serves as the "voice of the client" with responsibility to fully understand the broad security and service goals of the client and to ensure the necessary resources are delivered to meet those goals to achieve the highest levels of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Auditors - Quality Assurance Auditors supplement the regular operational quality reviews with in-depth, independent assessments of on-site security operations. These assessments are conducted using document reviews, site walk-throughs, staff and client interviews and site tours. Reviewed areas include, but are not limited to, Site Procedures Manuals, Guard Appearance, Post Appearance, Shift Reports, Pass-on Logs and Guard Knowledge.  

Operations Manager – Operations Managers establish and oversee the execution of the security programs for each client. They are the first line of support for Account Managers and Site Supervisors ensuring they receive necessary staffing, training, and scheduling resources.

Chief Security Officer – The Chief Security Officer provides on-site staff with firm-wide leadership in security program design to identify and respond to the latest threats and vulnerabilities to the safety and security of our client's people, property and assets.

Command Center – Northeast Security's 24/7/365 Command Center is staffed with decision-capable managers to provide on-site personnel with immediate response to emergencies. In the event of a natural disaster, terrorism event or other large scale emergency, Northeast Security's Command Center is linked with governmental alert systems and the Northeast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change to provide immediate emergency response and staffing within the first 1-2 hours of an event. 

Ownership – As a privately held, American owner-operated business, Northeast Security's owners are active in the field with clients soliciting feedback to continually enhance the quality and responsiveness of our services.